July 29, 2018

Why I Joined Internet Design Services?

It’s not an easy decision for me to decide whether i take designer and illustrator online career more seriously or not. For me, designing and illustrating people to get paid isn’t something new, but doing it online and selling my works worldwide, it’s different case.

Make design or illustration for a client who we’ve never met got some plus and minus sides. The plus is, I never felt scared-or nervous in giving services to my client, but the minus side, i never know exactly what my client want, are they satisfied, or not with my work.

I’ve got main job, a full day job as a administration staff of cigarette company. But still, designing and make illustrations still live, like a candle deep inside my hearts, waiting to be lightened.

Watching others success doing this online, what makes me motivated to following their path, selling design and illustration service online. Beginning with reading and doing little research, of what i must prepared to contribute in digital design services, i had understand that i must build a profile online. That when this website got it first foundation.

Doing design and illustration service online is like build on offline field. It’s need hardwork, persistence, patience, and learning passion. I may doing designing for ages on offline fields, but doing it online, give me a whole new perspective.

Next time i’ll tell you how i starting this, and how i become falling in love with this new world. For now, doing it consistenly its the key, to build and get success on digital design and illustration services.



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