August 8, 2018

What is service design online?

As we know, service design online becomes a trend nowadays. People get more creative making brand, startups, or a project, and all of thats need design services.

Along with technology and internets vast growth, design service online become competitive field, as many people choose it for main job regarding many people value this kind of service are expensive.

Starting from people doing service design online as a freelancer, popularity of this job grow fast. Just in few years later, designing online become a massive trend. We could say many people successfully making this field profitable, even highly-profitable .

Startups to mega company, find hiring designer online to do their design needs online is more efficient. They don’t have to bound on contract-just one project terms. Both employer and designer find it more efficient.

Eventhough service design online seems easy, isn’t that simple. People have to build their profile until they find its competitive enough to make employers look at their talent. Portfolio, community, social profile online become must-to-do list.

Right now there’s plenty room for service design online to grow more, and many chances for designer to show their talent worldwide in this digital era.


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