August 11, 2018

Things to be Prepared Choosing Designer Freelancer Online as a Career

Many people got tired from their main job, or find that their job is’nt sufficient to fulfill their needs. I think those are the main reasons why people choosing Designer freelance online as a career. If you are person who experienced as a designer on field, there is no problem with doing it online, but its entirely different case if you recently started career as a designer freelancer online.

Fear not, there are so many stories people got success become designer freelance online even if they only started online as a beginner. Why is it posibble choose this career even if you don’t know about design at all? I’m not saying that becoming designer freelance online is an easy task, not at all. I’m just saying it’s open oppoturnity to all people.

Designer freelancer online

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What is design?

People start designing even before nations, language, and technology exist. When prehistoric people created weapon for the first time, like a javelin, they was designing. When people built their home from leaves and branches, they also done designing. Those idea in line with what fieze say

Whenever human beings have tried to change any part of their lives – starting with prehistoric men and women moulding lumps of clay into drinking vessels, or sharpening the heads of spears to make them deadlier weapons – they engaged with design, instinctively and unknowingly.

What about design graphic? Design graphic history found way back to 1450 when England first announced pressed media to public. From that era on, design graphic more and more famous and used in all fields, including jobs that never be expected to used design graphic firstly, like writing.

Then, how design graphic becomes online comodity?

Design graphics, as long designer freelance, begin known at world-wide-web since 1830, when websites named Online Design Teacher begun to share their timelines on a website. People started to realize that design graphic could produce income from remote work, and begin to promote their works online (at that time, promotion shared with phone and media, only few has access to the internet). Design graphic became remote jobs, people can work from everywhere, because all that matter to investor is an output.

From that, designer freelancers begun to growth. Many medias and internet became fields where designer freelances show their talent to client. Recording from Amazon, Google and Facebook, designer growth 65% in 2017, from numbers count in late 2016. Internet becomes place for design graphic to growth rapidly, because information is shared in suprisingly fast.


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